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FF Kopfing: Kopfinger as the first gold fire brigade of tank firefighting group

FF Kopfing: Kopfinger as the first gold fire brigade of tank firefighting group

The Chief of the Volunteer Fire Department passes the Gold Fire Service Exam.

Title. After 3 months of preparation, 11 comrades of the Coopfing Volunteer Fire Brigade passed the October Gold Level Fire Service Performance Test. 5 other members of the fire brigade competed for the Silver Level Performance Badge.
During testing, it is important to know the exact position of all devices in the tank fire engine, to operate the equipment correctly and to work through a mock room, hedge or liquid fire according to a specified scheme while adhering to a time limit.

In addition, after answering the test in writing, the group leader at the gold level must formulate an order using a tactical example. In addition, other group members have to answer additional questions about the equipment and each team must solve an additional task in practice. Despite the good preparation, the participants’ nerves didn’t quite play out during the silver check, and unfortunately the set target time was exceeded. So that guys can prove their skills again in 3 weeks. Principal evaluator Ernst Huber and fellow evaluators verified that activities and tasks were carried out correctly in the rain.

Fire brigade captain Hermann Jobst, who himself was awarded the gold badge, congratulated the team upon handing over the performance badge. Jobst emphasized that Copving’s Volunteer Fire Brigade was the first to complete the fire service with the Gold Variable Tank Firefighting Kit.

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