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Start of training: The EEA welcomes 13 new trainees

Start of training: The EEA welcomes 13 new trainees

On September 4, 2023, 13 trainees started their training at the EWR Group of Companies.

Roti/fussin (eha). The Electrical Installations Division is pleased to welcome six newcomers to Reutte and five to Füssen, Richard Feuerstein GmbH has an apprentice, and the Commercial Division of EWR AG has also gained an apprentice. EEA Board of Directors Mag Richard Alberthe managing directors of the subsidiaries and the coaches warmly welcomed the thirteen young men on their first day.

“We are very pleased to welcome 13 young people to our company again this year and are proud to support them during their apprenticeship at the company. But all doors are also open for them in the EEA Group for further professional development. In any case, an exciting time awaits you and we wish you all the best.” .

So Johannes MuchlechnerHead of Training Department at EWR Technik GmbH.

Solid education

The European Economic Area knows how important vocational training is in order to attract the right skilled workers, which is not easy these days. Therefore, they attach great importance to proper training and development of young talents.

EWR interns gain experience in a wide range of company areas. As part of their training, technicians not only learn all about electrical engineering, but also about other core areas of the EEA, such as electricity generation and distribution. Trainees in the commercial sector can also expect a lot of variety: from office management to finance, digitalization and procurement – ​​thanks to the diversity of the corporate portfolio, trainees can explore a wide range of areas during their training.

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