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Fiery call!  Mbappe warns against shifting to the right before the Austrian Federation match

Fiery call! Mbappe warns against shifting to the right before the Austrian Federation match

In the French national team, the football ahead of Monday's European Championship kick-off in Düsseldorf against Austria is a side note at best.

In a press conference held on Sunday, Captain Kylian Mbappé made a fiery appeal to his compatriots to cast their votes in the general elections from June 30 to July 7.

The elections expect the right-wing National Rally party to win, which Mbappe wants to prevent at all costs, without naming the party.

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Mbappe with a fiery call

“This is an important moment in the history of our country,” was the opening statement of the megastar. “You have to separate things. The European Championships are important for us, but we are not isolated from what is happening in our country at the moment.”

Mbappe stressed that the boys in particular are facing a challenge now. The 25-year-old explained: “We are the young generation that can change something. You can see how the far right is making more progress, but the future is in our hands,” and called on people to participate in voting. . “Every vote matters.”

The son of a Cameroonian and an Algerian mother did not hide the fact that he is currently more interested in the current political events in his homeland than in the match against Austria. “Tomorrow’s match is very important, but there is also a more important situation than this match.”

He agrees in principle that politics and sports should not be mixed, “but when the situation is like today, I see it differently.” Mbappe also stressed: “I am against extremists and extremists. I do not want to live in a country that does not conform to our values.”

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Deschamps and Le Pen's father has been in a dispute for 20 years

The French are considered one of the most prominent candidates to win the European Championship title, but current political events now threaten to jeopardize the achievement of their sporting goals. “But we are great players and we have to adapt to a situation like this,” Mbappe said.

In contrast to the future Real Madrid professional, team president Didier Deschamps avoided making a clear statement against the National Rally, but at the same time indicated that his players were free to express their opinion about it. There is no advice or regulations on his part. “Everyone has their own opinion. They are great footballers, but above all French citizens who are not outside this situation that France is currently in.”

In 1998, Deschamps attacked Jean-Marie Le Pen, then president of the National Front, the predecessor of the National Front, and father of current National Front leader Marine Le Pen. He had made derogatory comments about dark-skinned players on the then world champion team. “I did it because the players were being attacked and I was the leader. This is unacceptable.” The 2018 world champion coach avoided making a clear statement about the current situation.

The French League had previously warned against excessive politicization of its team in light of the upcoming new elections. A statement issued on Saturday evening said: “The French Football Federation cares deeply about freedom of expression and supports the necessary call for a vote.” But it is appropriate to avoid any form of pressure and political exploitation of the French national team.

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French stars warn against right-wing populism

The French players – the “Equipe tricolore” team is traditionally a multicultural group – have already expressed their grave concern about the situation in the country in the past few days.

Striker Marcus Thuram took the clearest stance. “The situation in France is sad and dangerous. This is the sad truth for our society,” the striker said. We have to tell everyone that they must vote “and fight every day to ensure that the National Front does not arrive.” His father, former national player Lilian Thuram, has been committed to fighting extremism and racism for years.

Ousmane Dembélé had already called on his compatriots to go to the polls on Thursday. “We have to encourage people to go to the polls,” the Paris Saint-Germain striker said. “I think alarm bells are ringing regarding the situation in France.”

According to Le Parisien newspaper, about 40 people from the French delegation want to exercise their right to ask someone else – such as a family member – to vote for them at the polling station. This requires, among other things, a power of attorney. French President Emmanuel Macron called for new elections on the evening of the European elections last Sunday. In these elections, the National Front party obtained more than 31%.

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