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Figurines confirmed as playable characters

Baldur’s Gate 3 is currently still in early access, and according to developer Larian Studios, it will not receive the full release in 2022 (inform us). While the team is still working hard to finalize the title, fans are longingly missing a specific, playable RPG race. These are the people of the dwarves, who were also available in the previous parts of the series. Until recently, Larian Studios did not comment on whether the figurines would be part of the game.

Thanks to a small slip by Swen Vincke, CEO of Larian Studios, it was revealed that a few pranksters will definitely be added. During a presentation at GDC 2022 (via Computer game enthusiastsFink spoke about the variety of body shapes and the difficulty of executing different body types in games featuring various fantasy races. In the meantime, he seems to have forgotten that GNOME is still on the list of unannounced features: “This game supports quite a few player races, right? And I’ll give you some examples of the problems we struggle with. You can play as a human and you can play as a dwarf…” Surely no one expected the CEO of the developer studio to reveal a secret to the press. Unfortunately, he was unwilling to reveal more details about it.

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