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Figuro: Free online 3D modeling in the browser

Figuro: Free online 3D modeling in the browser

3D Figuro Designer It is a free online program for creating 3D models. According to the provider, the tool is suitable for beginners and advanced users alike and covers applications such as 3D printing, game development or architecture.

In contrast to many other 3D programs, Vigoro relies on a particularly user-friendly process. This means that even beginners should be able to quickly find their way around and create their own models. At the same time, the software also provides functions for advanced users.

Since Figuro runs entirely in the browser, no installation is required. Creating 3D models is completely free. Models can be exported in STL or OBJ format without registration. However, there is a way to register. Designs can also be saved using an account.

Vigoro’s roots go back to the 2000s. At that time, Jeroen Commandeur and Paul-Jan Pauptit developed the desktop software DeleD for 3D modeling. Despite a small and active user community, DeleD development has been gradually halted by the emergence of powerful modeling applications such as 3Ds Max and Maya.

Now, many years later, Figuro is set to be a new online solution for 3D modeling that takes advantage of the web’s advances in graphics and performance. The developers at DeleD are working together again to create a modern browser alternative to existing tools.

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