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Final Fantasy 16 uses a great PS5 feature

Final Fantasy 16 uses a great PS5 feature

The visually appealing Final Fantasy 16 must have a very special PlayStation 5 feature you weren’t expecting.


The release of Final Fantasy 16 will be something very special for role-playing fans. No doubt, after all, Square Enix has been able to build a sizable fanbase here for decades. The closer the release date of the game, the more information and details will reach us. Now it has been revealed Final Fantasy 16 important characteristic of PlayStation 5 (PS5) will support.

Final Fantasy 16 It is set to be released on June 22, 2023, for the Sony PlayStation 5. In a live stream of the game, there were some words that PS5 gamers will love.

Yoshi-P said via Genki on Twitter.

Final Fantasy 16 on PS5: No load times

“Look at the power of PS5,” Naoki “Yoshi-B” YoshidaExecutive Officer at Square Enix. Talk about the latest trailer for “Revenge.” So FF16 will be a “real show” of the power of PS5. There will be no shortage of loading screens thanks to PlayStation’s lightning-fast SSD. “It’s all played out in real time,” Yoshi-P says of the trailer (below). “No shop! It’s become a game, which means, “Check how PS5 is doing!” Follow the Square Enix guy.

Fans have noticed an improvement in the graphics

Final Fantasy 16’s release delay was a good thing, according to ardent fans, who note that the game’s graphics have improved significantly since the first screenshots. The only thing that is a little noticeable is that everything has become “darker”. The game will be exclusive to PS5 for at least 6 months, after which it will also be released for Windows PC. The game is said to “shine brighter” on PC, where it can take advantage of the DirectStorage functionality for blazingly fast loading sequences and smoother gameplay (via

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The Xbox Series X will probably achieve it as well, but given a deal one would have to The current Microsoft console will not be released.

Final Fantasy 16 It will be released on June 22, 2023 for the PS5.