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Exciting insights into the creation of Naytiba monsters – SHOCK2

Exciting insights into the creation of Naytiba monsters – SHOCK2

In an interview on PlayStation.Blog, famous movie monster designer Hee-Chul Jang W Star blade Developer Shift Up provides exciting insights into the creation of EVE's enemy, Naytibas.

Stellar Blade launches April 26 exclusively on PlayStation 5.

When Stellar Blade releases exclusively for PlayStation 5 on April 26, players taking on the role of the EVE protagonist will face all kinds of dangers in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi scenario. In the action adventure from Korean development studio SHIFT UP, Naytiba's powerful monsters play a special role.

In an interview, monster movie designer Hee-Cheol Jang, known for his creations in The Host and Okja, goes into detail about creating Naytibas with Hyung Tae Kim, director of SHIFT UP. Among other things, they provide interesting insights into prototyping and the role of human elements in monster design in order to create the most terrifying enemies for EVE.

The full interview is available at To exist.

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