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Final show – Dobersberg: with recorders and flutes towards the badges of achievement

Final show – Dobersberg: with recorders and flutes towards the badges of achievement

Young musicians Dorian Finkelbauer, Eva Schuster, Livia and Emilia Langsteiner, Emilie Steindl, Anna Kaeppel, Nora Wagner, Tina Brunner, Florian Piffel, Alina Mothsam, Teresa Habison, Lara Mothsam, and Rachel Bruckbacher with teacher Birgit Karouh.


DrBirgit Karou's flute class has finished the music school year at the Musicians' Home in Dobersburg.

The flute class from the Thailand School of Music, led by Birgit Karou, played at the Dobersberg Musicians' Home at the end of the music school year. A variety of pieces of music were performed on recorders and transverse flutes, from beginners to nominees for the Bronze Badge of Achievement.

Highlights of the program include the French summer dance played by Dorian Finkelbauer on the soprano recorder, the Norwegian tune “Der Spielmann” performed by Alina Muthasam, and “Dunge Rank” from Serbia, sung with courage and intelligence by Nora Wagner. “Tango Romantico” by Anna Kaeppel.

Rahel Bruckbacher and Tina Bruner mastered the fantastic flute premieres and clearly enjoyed performing in front of the audience. Emilia and Livia Langsteiner played a mixed trio consisting of soprano, transverse and alto flutes with teacher Birgitte Karouh. During “Popcorn,” Lara Masar provided clear flute notes, while Eva Schuster brought back many childhood memories with “Do You Know How Many Little Stars There Are?”

Fiona Pollack, a pianist from the Thailand School of Music, provided the piano accompaniment with great sensitivity. She was also accompanied by Theresa Habison and the evening's guest, Florian Bevel. They both performed pieces from their respective exam programmes. The evening's certificate went to Emily Steindl, who was able to successfully complete the Junior Achievement Badge on the flute. The audience even acknowledged it with cheers.

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