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Finally a new F-Zero may appear in 2023!

Finally a new F-Zero may appear in 2023!

At least that’s what the current rumors say.

An insider who often shared his info on Nintendo The title got it right, and this promises a new one F zero to Nintendo Switch It should finally appear this year.

F Zero is dead

F zero Is one of the few franchises of Nintendo which hasn’t had a new branch in nearly two decades. the last F zero It is 2004 on Game Boy Advance It was released exclusively in Japan.

F-Zero General

Netizen NateDrake is an insider who has often been right in his information, which was only rumors at first. So it was already in the title like The Legend of Zelda: Kingdom’s Tears or Metroid Prime correct. It means that this year is a new year F zero It must appear. New Year is very close, because it was exactly 20 years ago F-Zero GX On the cube game published. Fans, as well as shareholders, have long demanded a successor.

New F Zero shoes

So far at least one The successor refused. Although since then no title of his own has surfaced, it is F zero In other franchises such as Smash Bros And the Mario Kart It came in the form of heroes or paths. It will eventually be without F zero never Mario Kart advanced. We are sure that sometime incredibly faster F zero The title will rise from the ashes. Just like 2D Metroid successor Showed up unexpectedly last year. Finally, the previous contributors to the single development F zero continuation benefit.

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Mario Kart was born from F-Zero

F zero It is one of the best racing games ever made Super Nintendo Control unit. from its sequel By the way the first Mario Kart! The series was then only on Nintendo 64 With F-Zero X And on it Nintendo GameCube With F-Zero GX I continued. It was the last part F is zero peak for him Game Boy Advance which was exclusive to Japan only.

However, F-Zero was always present

Even if no more games were released on it, it was F zero Never forget the perks. The series has got characters and series in different titles such as Nintendo countryAnd the Mario Kart 8 or Smash Bros.

So it’s time for future races to happen again. Any way, something F zero Come on, let’s take it. Nobody wants to wait anymore!