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All hours of lights in January 2023

All hours of lights in January 2023

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to: Daniel Neubert


Pokémon GO: All Spotlight Hours January 2023 © Niantic / Nitnendo / (Montage)

January 2023 The Spotlight Hours in Pokémon GO will provide players with rare Pokémon on a weekly basis. January 2023 will also be exciting.

San francisco – hours in the spotlight Pokemon GO These are the weekly highlights that developers review niantic A special Pokemon in the spotlight every month. The hours of lights in january 2023 are no exception – those who attend the event at Pokemon GO participants can regularly look forward to various bonuses. shows in the monthly overview which Pokemon to find and whether the rewards are really worth it.

The Limelight Hour is a small weekly event, usually held on Tuesday evenings. For one hour, Pokémon are the focus of Pokémon GO, appearing especially frequently on the world map in this time window. So if you want to catch a specific monster in Pokémon GO, you must participate in the action.

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