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‘Finally killed Red Bull Salzburg’

‘Finally killed Red Bull Salzburg’

Thanks to two goals from Rasmus Höjlund, SK Sturm beat top favorite Red Bull Salzburg 2-1 on Saturday. After the final whistle, the double scorer was glad that he had finally “killed” Salzburg.

The strong strong fencing led Sturm Graz to the winning path due to a goalkeeper error by Philip Cohn. With a dominant and also strong defensive performance, the lead was extended even before the Red Bulls really started catching up in the 87th minute. It was too late to count.

After the final whistle, Salzburg coach Matthias Giseli grumbled: “If the basic advantages do not appear on the field, you will not have a chance against a top team in the league.” However, the German did not want to allow for a goalkeeper controversy: “We put our faith in Philipp (Kuhn, note) because he has done well over a long period of time. That is the position of a goalkeeper. You make a mistake and that results in a goal. So not There is reason to be questioned. We have to blame ourselves for that.”

With all three, Sturm advanced in the standings table for at least one night: four points from two games and 3:2 goals. Red Bull initially dropped to fourth with three points and a 4:2 goal difference. The jubilation in Graz was great in return. Rasmus Hoglund added: “It was great to finally kill her.” sky.

Hoglund: ‘We’re on the right track’

Hoglund continued: “The atmosphere was great, everything was perfect. Every goal counts, the more fun it is to score against an opponent like this. We are on the right track. We still need some time before we hit our maximum performance. We are making good strides to Forward. We need our best performance against Kyiv. We hope to make the playoffs.”

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For Sturm coach Christian Elzer, it was his team’s discipline above all else that made him happy. We did what we set out to do in every detail. The focus and belief in one’s own strengths, Elzer says, were “cool.” “From the start I sensed something was going on. You win big games beforehand. Before you start the game, you have to have conviction in your mind to beat your opponent, or else it won’t happen. We took the field with that conviction. We could have gone even higher. Much. We achieved a well-deserved victory.”

SK Sturm continues, on Wednesday, the Champions League qualifying match against Dynamo Kyiv. The match will be held in Lodz, Poland. Red Bull Salzburg could lick their wounds and meet TSV Hartberg away on Saturday.