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Finally: The horror series Cult gets a sequel after 12 years – 2024 News

Finally: The horror series Cult gets a sequel after 12 years – 2024 News

The “Silent Hill” survival horror video game series is undoubtedly one of the classics of the genre, and film adaptations have also proven successful in bringing horror to the big screen. Now, twelve years after the last film, the iconic franchise returns to cinemas with Return To Silent Hill.

Director Christoph Ganz, who helmed the first successful Silent Hill film in 2006, is once again helming this sequel. The last film, 2012's “Silent Hill: Revelation,” failed to live up to the financial success of its predecessor, which grossed nearly $100 million worldwide.

Silent Hill: Revelation (3D) – Trailer (German/German)

However, “Return to Silent Hill” will be presented as a standalone film and will not be a direct continuation of the previous films. Inspired by the video game “Silent Hill 2,” which was better received by fans than the series' debut, the story follows James Sunderland, played by Jeremy Irvine, after he receives a mysterious letter from his late wife Mary, played by Hannah. Emily Anderson returns to Silent Hill.

There he discovers that the city is besieged by supernatural forces and he must face many demonic creatures to uncover the secret of the place. Expectations for the new film are high as it is expected to pick up on the strengths of the first film directed by Ganz, which was praised for its impressive production and faithful adaptation of the original game.

Most of the filming took place in Germany and was completed in July 2023. The film, which celebrated its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, is currently scheduled to hit theaters in 2024.

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