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Beautify images using artificial intelligence

Beautify images using artificial intelligence

Better still More beautiful pictures It is the primary concern of most smartphone users. Even though cameras have now reached a higher level, you can still do it with one Post-processing Get a lot of pictures.

It is more practical if the smartphone automatically recognizes how to improve the recording Appropriate suggestions have been made. But that's not all: current Samsung phones can provide these recommendations with the push of a button Execute automatically.

This makes this possible Galaxy artificial intelligence1, which works on current high-end Samsung models. Beautification of photos and videos is performed and opened with the help of artificial intelligence New photo editing possibilities.

Many cosmetic options

To the so-called “Modify proposal” function.2 To use it, go to the Gallery app and open a photo. Then you click on it I am a symbol At the bottom of the screen appear Suggestions for improvement.

If you now select such a suggestion, your Samsung smartphone will take over the work Boosts registration Accordingly. the Fine adjustments They can then be modified manually. So that the original is not lost, it is possible Copy The edited image can be saved.

Depending on the image and scene, Galaxy AI suggests appropriate processing steps. In addition to the classic “optimization”, you can also do it this way Image effect Add shadows and Delete reflections Or remove the so-called moiré effect.

Remove objects and add slow motion

With the help of this AI feature, you can also: Annoying elements From the picture Remove or Postpone. the Object eraser you can do that Create image regions and renew it accordingly which has become free by deleting or moving these items.

in Video recordings Is it possible to use Galaxy artificial intelligence a Slow motion effect Add. To do this, AI creates the necessary additional frames so that… Slow motion clip It can be played smoothly.

From all of these Photo and video improvements It's not just Samsung's newer models that benefit. In addition to the current Galaxy S24 series, several older models have also been updated with Galaxy artificial intelligence available. With just one caveat: the slow motion feature doesn't work on devices that are two years old.

Older Samsung smartphones also benefit

Here is the full list of smartphones and tablets that will be updated One User Interface 6.1 Which has now got artificial intelligence functionality.

  • Samsung Galaxy S22 series
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 / Z Flip 4
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 series
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 FE
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 / Z Flip 5
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra / S9+ / S9

Try Galaxy AI

under Trygalaxy.com3 Could you You can experience all the functions of Galaxy AI on any smartphone – just go to the website or page QR code To clear. As a result, the Samsung Galaxy S24 screen is simulated there.

This way you can Taste all the features of artificial intelligence – From the novel Screen search “Search circle with Google”4 until Artificial intelligence assistants For conversations, notes, copying and browsing. also “Live translation5 – Simultaneous translation of telephone conversations – can be viewed there.

This article was created as part of a collaboration with Samsung.


  1. A Samsung account is required for some AI functions. Galaxy AI features will be available for free on supporting Samsung Galaxy devices until at least the end of 2025
  2. Edit suggestion is compatible with JPG, PNG, GIF and MP4 formats. Editing results and quality may vary depending on image or shooting conditions. The accuracy of the results is not guaranteed. Galaxy AI features will be available for free on supporting Samsung Galaxy devices until at least the end of 2025.
  3. The “Try Galaxy” option is available for smartphones running Android and the latest version of Chrome, but may vary depending on device model, settings, screen size, etc. Try Galaxy works with Safari on iPhone 7 and later with iOS 14 or later.
  4. Requires internet connection. Users may need to install the latest version of Android. Product features may depend on your app and device settings. Some features may not be compatible with some applications. Service availability varies by country and language. The accuracy of the results is not guaranteed. Actual user interface may vary.
  5. Live translation requires a network connection and Samsung account login. Live translation is only available in the pre-installed Samsung phone app. Some languages ​​require downloading a language pack. Service availability may vary by language. The accuracy of the results is not guaranteed.

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