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Finland’s conservatives before their election victory

Finland’s conservatives before their election victory

The national conservative coalition is set to win the parliamentary elections in Finland. Public broadcaster YLE reported tonight that Finland’s right-wing populist party came in second. The ruling Social Democrats party of Prime Minister Sanna Marin came in third.

The 53-year-old Urbu declared: “With this result, we are beginning to form a new government for Finland.” The head of the Finns’ party, Rika Bora, said after the first induction that if the result was confirmed, it would be excellent. However, we continue to strive for the first place.

Marin admits defeat

Marin had already admitted her party’s defeat. Congratulations to the winner of the elections, congratulations to the National Coalition, congratulations to the Finns. “Democracy has spoken,” the 37-year-old prime minister told her party’s supporters in the evening.

After almost all the votes were counted, the National Coalition had 20.8 percent, while the right-wing Populist Party of Finland was slightly ahead of the Social Democrats (19.9 percent) with 20.1 percent of the vote.

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