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Belarus: Russian nuclear weapons reach the border with Poland

Belarus: Russian nuclear weapons reach the border with Poland

Russia will deploy the announced tactical nuclear weapons to be deployed in Belarus on the border with Poland. This was announced today by Moscow’s ambassador to Minsk, Boris Gryzlov. The bunkers needed to store the weapons must be completed by July 1st. Gryzlov, a former Russian interior minister and speaker of the State Duma, said this would happen despite the uproar in Europe and the United States.

Certainly, he said, the planned placement of nuclear weapons in Belarus is already causing a “huge commotion” in the Western media. “Finally it was recognized that there must be some equivalence,” Grislow said.

“If we are talking about the stationing of US nuclear weapons in Europe, then we must take measures that will increase the security of our federal states (Belarus and Russia, n.d.).” Russia and Belarus are the territory of the Union State, which is a legitimate state territory, unlike the territory of countries where the United States has its nuclear weapons. “For them, these countries are just puppets, but we have a common space,” Gryzlov said.

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