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Fire brigade of the Amstetten region: the final race for the “fire brigade of high school graduates”

Fire brigade of the Amstetten region: the final race for the “fire brigade of high school graduates”

The fire brigades of the Amstetten district are once again training four comrades at the Brinsbach fire station for the First Class Fire Brigade Performance Badge and the Gold Claim (FLAG).

Amstetten district. This is practiced until the beginning of May, and then on May 13 there will be a big test at the State Fire School in Tulln. The head of training is Karl Etlinger from FF Preinsbach, who confirms: “This year only four candidates dare to take on the FLA golden adventure, we will try to prepare them as best we can!”

practical training

In order to create a gold FLA after the silver fire brigade performance badge and to encourage elite firefighters to continue learning, a competition for a gold fire brigade performance badge was held in Lower Austria for the first time in 1958, a competition for the individual man. 300 questions are asked and practical exercises must be completed: Organization, Firefighting Technology and Tactics, Fire Report, Obstacle Course, and Unit Leadership. In firefighter parlance, FLA in golden color is also called “Fire brigade matura”. Training at the Preinsbach fire station runs from February to May. In order to be prepared at all times for the new challenges that arise every day, progressive and constantly updated training in all areas of the fire brigade is required. In addition, the limited time available to the personnel of the fire brigade in a fast-moving time must be taken into account.

Raise the level of education

“In order to make continuous work with training subjects palatable to members of the fire brigade, modern methods must be used,” says the FLA Golden Working Group of the Lower Austrian State Fire Brigade Association. Therefore, completely new disciplines have been developed and tried and tested. Contemporary view, and always with the aim of mobilizing the necessary knowledge in an attractive way for all members of the fire brigade, and this would contribute significantly to raising the general level of training.

The eight majors of FLA Gold
Training in the fire brigade, calculation – determination – decision, fire protection plan, formulation and issuance of orders, questions from the fire brigade, management procedures, practical deployment activities (knowledge of knots, obstacle course) and behavior in front of a group (leadership) belongs to the eighth
The eight majors of FLA Gold.

Golden meatballs

The legendary meatloaf meal: Traditionally, participants of the Golden Fire Service badge from the Amstetten region in the previous year invite their coaches. As usual at the training center at the Brinsbach fire station.

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