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Exchange of board members for two years at Hofer »Leidersent

| Editorial Board

| 04/23/2023

Marita Schorn temporarily moves to Aldi Süd in Australia, her “successor” already decided upon.

On 1 July 2023 Marita Schorn, a former member of the Hofer S/E Board of Directors, will join the Aldi Süd Australia Board for a two-year term. Birgit Rechtseder, currently Managing Director of the Customer Interaction Hofer S/E business unit, will take her position on the Board for the period.

Last year, Shorn was welcomed as a new board member of Hofer S/E, joining Michael Kronegger, Christoph Rief, and Hofer CEO Horst Leitner at the helm of the grocery.

From the Regional Sales Manager

Birgit Rechtseder, who has been Managing Director of the Customer Interaction Hofer S/E business unit since 2018, will now take a position on the Board. Upper Austria started in Hofer 20 years ago as a regional sales manager in Austria and is also deployed as such in Slovenia. Important career milestones included working as a Buyer and Deputy General Manager of Purchasing at the main branch.

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