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Fire Department Lost in Wildfire in the United States – VOL Home Page Slider –

Firefighters in Arizona have no chance of fighting wildfires.
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Severe winds are a major concern for firefighters in wildfire areas of southeastern America.

Hundreds of people have already been evicted in Arizona and New Mexico. On Wednesday (local time), flames burned through dry grass and woods near Flagstaff, Arizona. Locals wondered how it was possible for a small fire to spread to 77 square kilometers in just a few days.

Matt McGrath of the Coconut Forest Service said the wind activates the operation and directs the flames beyond the safety of the fire department. He did not know what else could be done for this. In the air, the fire spread to a height of 30 meters and exploded. 765 houses were vacated.

Fire in Arizona

In New Mexico, a fire spread near Davos, burning an area of ​​77 square kilometers, and a new fire broke out south of Albuquerque. Residents were evacuated from their homes in a wildfire in Monte Vista, Colorado.

Wildfire in New Mexico

The Center for Meteorology said that the wind will blow again on Thursday. The storm is expected to reach 112 kilometers per hour in New Mexico on Friday. The wildfire season has begun and will be longer this year, said Brian Klimovsky of the National Weather Service.

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