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Fire disaster in Japan: suspect in critical condition

The man, who is believed to be responsible for the fire at a psychiatric clinic in the Japanese city of Osaka, which killed 24 people, is in critical condition, according to media reports. Public broadcaster NHK reported today, citing police departments, that the 61-year-old former patient in the clinic is being treated at the hospital. Police are reportedly investigating arson.

Reuters / Kyodo

Police are investigating a small fire in the man’s apartment shortly before the fire disaster in the commercial building where the clinic was. The fourth floor of the building was completely destroyed. According to a spokesman for the fire department, 24 people were killed and four others were injured. The condition of the injured is unclear.

Japanese media reported that most of the victims were believed to have been poisoned by carbon monoxide. As a result, they may not have been able to escape because the exit was blocked. According to reports, some patients in the clinic saw a man placing a bag of flammable liquids near a heater. Then he knocked the paper bag and set it on fire.

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