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Media: Brexit Secretary Frost resigns

Britain’s Brexit Secretary David Frost has announced his resignation, according to media reports. The Minister responsible for relations with the European Union has submitted his resignation to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the Mail on Sunday reported today, citing an unnamed senior government source.

The broadcaster ITV also reported it. He was referring to a spring close to frost. Initially, Downing Street declined to comment on the reports.

According to the “Mail on Sunday” newspaper, it was reported that the Brexit minister submitted his resignation about a week ago. Johnson persuaded him to remain in office until January. In talks between Great Britain and the European Union over the controversial Brexit rules in Northern Ireland, both sides have recently gotten closer to each other.

Frustration with Johnson’s path

According to the report, the departure is said to be linked to frustration with the government’s recent policy decisions. This should include the delivery of particularly controversial 3-G certifications to clubs and major events. As a result, nearly 100 Conservative MPs rejected Johnson’s vote this week. The high expenditures of the road to climate neutrality and tax increases should be a thorn in the side of frost.

Frost, who is also a member of the British House of Lords, negotiated the Brexit trade agreement at the last minute with his French counterpart, Michel Barnier, who represented the European Union. This allows for largely duty-free trade between Great Britain and the European Union even after the country has left the European Union. However, there are still many obstacles, problems and points of contention.

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