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Firewall glass is very suitable in the United States

These 45 gems are currently being flown to the United States as trophies for the Arnold Games in Columbus, Ohio: (from left) by Leonard Gogarbauer and Joseph Gogarbauer and Thomas Mulbauer Cup Producer. Photo: Josca

With approximately 200,000 spectators, 39 sports and nearly 17,000 participants, the “Arnold Sports Festival” is the largest fitness event in the world, and one of the largest sporting events in the United States, along with the Super Bowl. Josca Botanmaise (Regen District) has been preparing trophies for the main event for about 30 years – these days glass cargo is going all over the Atlantic again.

The Columbus, Ohio Festival in March offers numerous fitness and weight training competitions, exhibitions and everything a fitness athlete’s heart desires. One of the highlights for athletes and spectators alike is the name and opener presented by Arnold Schwarzenegger: he insists on honoring the winners of various competitions and personally presenting Josca trophies and awards. “Terminator” participates in many events each year and excites athletes frantically regardless of whether they are professional or amateur.

Winners and runners-up in a variety of sports will be given back 45 shiny glass trophies. They will be delivered this week. And Joseph Gogarbauer Jr.. He personally attended the trophy presentation countless times and cheered on the main event: “A high quality sporting event – simply incomparable. We are incredibly proud to have been able to create trophies.”

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Due to current events, the botanist file expert emphasizes that the “Miss Fitness” trophy, one of the most important trophies, has 14 patches in the “Miss Fitness” trophy, compared to the six patchwork of Sky jumper Ryou Kobayashi’s “Carmish Focal”. At all Arnold Sports Festivals every year, shipping or presenting awards doesn’t break anything – even if the Arnolds Classic winners are a little harder than the Japanese Sky Jumping Star … PP