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Launched without major impacts on 5G aviation in the United States

The new 5G mobile communications standard came into effect in the United States without any major impact on aviation. Although some international airlines canceled flights scheduled yesterday due to a malfunction of their engines on-board electronics, the feared mass cancellations did not materialize.

According to the FlightAware website, a good 470 flights scheduled to take off or land at US airports have been canceled until this morning. Airlines that have canceled flights include Air India, Japan Airlines and Japanese Airlines ANA. However, all three airlines announced today that they will be offering flights again.

Telecommunications companies AT&T and Verizon set aside frequencies for the construction of the 5G network in the United States last year after winning billions of dollars in tenders.

The aviation department warned

Since then, the U.S. Air Force has been warning of the dangers to aviation. She fears that her planes will not land properly, especially at night and when visibility is low, as 5G frequencies are too close to aircraft’s radio frequencies, for example, to interfere with their altimeters.

The German Federal Network Agency said there were no signs of malfunctions in flight altimeters causing 5G in Europe so far. However, to rule out any influence, further investigations were carried out, involving aviation security officials and representatives of the mobile communications and aviation industries. In France and Norway, for example, with such measurements, no disturbance was observed.

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