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Fireworks on Ice: “Holiday on Ice” celebrated its premiere at Wiener Stadthalle

Fireworks on Ice: “Holiday on Ice” celebrated its premiere at Wiener Stadthalle

The holiday show “Supernova” on ice enchants premiere guests and convinces with a unique performance and a fantastic finale – including pyrotechnics.

Vienna / RUDOLFSHEIM-FIVE HOUSE. Many celebrities did not miss the spectacle on the black ice of Wiener Stadthalle. Electricity was in the air after the first snowboarder in an Eskimo outfit stepped onto the blue-lit ice.

The artist glided restlessly along the ice surface on light runners and caught everyone’s attention. Soon there was fast music and the calm turned into a storm. Artificial snowflakes fell from the ceiling and spread throughout the hall.

Wesley Campbell of the United States excelled as a soloist on the ice and gave an emotional performance.

Numerous costume changes and a varied program that amazed everyone from beginning to end of the show. The spectacular shows, in which snowboarders floated high above the ice on ropes, but also the state-of-the-art backdrop, a meter-long LED wall on which fantastic worlds projected, elevated the show to a new level. However, BezirksZeitung does not want to expect too much.

Olympic champions as special guests

On the evening of the premiere, the French Olympic champions performed in ice dancing Gabriela Papadakis And Cizeron clouds As guest stars in the premiere, great performances on the slick ice surface of Hall D. Wesley Campbell, Vanessa James, and Eric Radford, among others, starred as the stars of the talk show.

Austrians too Selina Provanter And Joel Maria Nachem They were represented and were visibly proud to be part of the great ice show.

Austrian stars Selina Provanter and Joel Maria Nachem shone on the set of the show.

Among the enthusiastic guests at the premiere were the directors of Wiener Stadthalle, Carola Lindenbauer, and Matthew ZelenkaManaging Director of Wien Holding Kurt Gollowitzer, Managing Director of Holiday on Ice Productions Peter O’Keeffe as well as many guests from culture, sport and business.

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Among other things, the astrologer was present gerda rogers, Musical actress Maya Hackfort As well as multiple World and European Championships and Olympic participant in figure skating Claudia Christophix Binder, that stood on Holiday Ice exactly 40 years ago. We interviewed them about:

A two-week offer makes Stadthalle happy

“Holiday on the ice again in Vienna! We have all been waiting for this evening for a long time, so my sincere thanks go out to the especially loyal audience. It gives me great pleasure to join the many fans of Holiday on Ice to enjoy this amazing ice show.” Matthew Zelenkamanaging director of Wiener Stadthalle.

“The Wiener Stadthalle is a real gem on the Holiday on Ice tour, and we are thrilled to be back and perform in front of our audience in Vienna. The hard work of the crew and skaters has been rewarded with much love and applause” David SinclairTour Manager for Holiday on Ice.

The President of Stadthallen Zelenka welcomed his distinguished guests.

Snow holiday “Supernova” in Wiener Stadthalle until Sunday 29 January 2023: from 27 €, discount for children up to 15 years old. Tickets up www.stadthalle.comticket service 01/79 999 79. The ticket is valid as a ticket for Wiener Linien.

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