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First Class B: Rothenthorn in Dual Use: English for Leaders Week

First Class B: Rothenthorn in Dual Use: English for Leaders Week

SV Rothenthorn could make a big move this weekend. Schiefling And Stockenboi Guests.

Rothenthorn. (Peter Tiffling). For top-tier leaders B Rothenthurn, this football weekend is all about defending a clean sheet, increasing the points gap for chasers, and of course winning the derby against Stockenboi. However, coach Truscaller wants to keep the ball low and not see his boys under pressure. “My team has had a good season so far. Friday (4.30pm) in the add-on against Schiefling/St. Egyden and Sunday (10.30am) against Stockenboi are two strong teams visiting us. Both showed with their results in the last round that they should not be underestimated.”

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Truskaller knows the opponents his team is warning against and will indicate specifically in the match feed. Schielfing / St. Egeden arrived with victory (Ferenberg (1-0) and goal by Davor Bukalic. His phone card is great. With 11 goals this season, he is the second best scorer in the second division Gregor Juriske, Thomas Platzer, who scored 24 goals. With the victory, captain Thomas Klingbacher & Co can increase The gap in the table to Fack and Arnoldstein to four points even before the derby.

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This derby will start against Stockenboy on Sunday morning. “The derby says more than a thousand words. In addition, Stockenbeuer played with third-placed Arnoldstein (1-1) in the last round and beat FAC in the first round with a goal to zero. So it will be very important for us to find the right renewal. In order to continue in Score important points in the battle at the top of the table with a new card and thus get another big step closer to the goal of the season, promotion to the lower league,” the coach looks forward. In light of this week of English football, Truecaller is also pleased to find the right breadth and density of the players’ squad with Chairman Rene Ramshak, sporting director Andreas Daxer and his coaching staff Bernard Povich and Hermann Dorfer. “I can fully count again, this time I hope to have a huge double support from the fans for my team and not to weaken the players themselves with unnecessary yellow or red cards.”

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