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North West Regional League/Waldviertel – New goalkeeper at Kouts, Gerungs continues to search

North West Regional League/Waldviertel – New goalkeeper at Kouts, Gerungs continues to search

The team that finished second in the table last fall will have a new goalkeeper on the staff in the spring. Bernhard Freytag, head of the Kutis division, made the announcement before Christmas, and now he has confirmed the transfer of 23-year-old Philipp Aigner, who comes from league rivals and bottom side Gravenworth.

The young goalkeeper replaces Viennese goalkeeper Florian Bor, who would have dropped out in the summer anyway due to time constraints. “With Philipp Aigner, as has already been announced, an opportunity has arisen earlier than expected. Florian could help us in an emergency, or maybe even take a position. But maybe he will find a club right away, that's not at all certain yet.” Friday explains the situation.

Aigner is no stranger to Kotis and has already been in goal against his new teammates on several occasions. “He also has his roots there, so he adapts well with us,” explains assistant coach Günther Steinbacher. “From the three or four games we played against him, I can say he is strong on the line,” he says. “He has a good committee and is definitely a good goalkeeper for the regional league.” Department head Freitag explains that there are no plans for further transfers: “Unless a player knocks on the door for us.”

Valtin: “There is no guarantee on the body.”

Groß Gerungs can only dream of it. The opposition is still having difficulty finding another goalkeeper, and division leader Martin Valtin sometimes feels insulted. “It's very difficult. I have a young and good goalkeeper in Jakob Friedel, so if someone comes, he will be on equal footing in the battle for first place. But I can't give any guarantee to anyone, and some people don't like it,” complains the senior official. Experience. “But there will still be a conversation or two, let's see what comes out.”

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Beyond that, Valtin couldn't imagine any changes. Because he fears that stopping the list of players in Al-Ittihad mid-season will distort the competition. “I don't transfer anymore because I can't rely on anything anymore. There is no security planning, what was right in the fall is completely different in the spring. They did us a disservice by stopping them in the middle of the season, you are stupid.”