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First class charity event in Burgenland

From April 21st to 23rd, Burgenland is the scene of a first rate charity event. After the interruption caused by the pandemic, the participants of the GTM Cup, which is being held for the twentieth time, can look forward to an enjoyable weekend of golf, tennis and motorsport, amid the hospitality of Pannonia. With the fundraiser, prominent audiences from sport, business and culture financially support selected sports assistance projects and families in Burgenland. “I am very happy that the city of Burgenland is hosting this very special charitable event this year and next. The GTM Cup combines the idea of ​​sport with the desire to help in a special way, and for this alone it is now an integral part of the event calendar,” confirmed Governor Hans-Peter Dusközel on the occasion of the presentation of the programme. in Vienna.

Thomas Zaniath, founder of GTM Trophy and organizer Dominik Gschiegl, was able to welcome not only the governor but also the Director General of Austrian Sports Aid, Gernot Uhlir, and Managing Director of Porsche Wien Nord Wolfgang Zowa to the inaugural event. The press conference was also attended by prominent representatives of the sport, such as track and field athlete Ivona Dadić, former tennis player Stefan Koubek, goalie legend Michael Konsel and rally legend Rudi Stoll.

“It means a lot to us.”

It’s not the first special event with a sporting flair in Burgenland. In 2022, for example, the world championship in military parachuting, the national tennis championship, which has been popular for many years, and the Bundesliga final in chess will be held. The highlight was the Special Olympics Summer Games. “This shows that we have long positioned ourselves excellently as a sporting country. As such, we have also achieved a lot in recent years, for example with the creation of a tennis academy or the expansion of cycling infrastructure.” Our long-term partnership with the ÖFB national team is an example else,” Doskozil says.

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“Being a venue for the GTM Cup is of great importance to us, as it gives us the opportunity once again to present Burgenland from its sporting side,” said the governor, “by hosting the GTM Cup, another important event that has enormous appeal for Burgenland.”

The GTM Cup has been held annually since 1997, with interruptions due to the pandemic. Since the inception of the Cup, a net proceeds of around €1.4 million have been collected from donations. For the next two years, it was agreed that two-thirds of the proceeds would go to Austrian Sports Aid. “Since I was Minister for Sports, I have realized how important sports assistance is. Burgenland is always happy to be a partner when it comes to supporting sports,” Doskozil emphasized.

A third of the proceeds will be donated to the Licht ins Dunkel Emergency Aid Fund for Social Purposes in Burgenland. Celebrity intensity and media coverage lead to tremendous added value for the country. The advertising effect is great for Burgenland, especially for tourism as an important economic pillar. “Conclusion: Sporthilfe benefits, sporting benefits, economic benefits and, in particular, the social aspect thanks to the integration of the Licht ins Dunkel campaign. I wish all participants all success and happy days in Burgenland,” said the Governor.

This year’s GTM Cup kicks off with a welcome cabaret evening on Friday 21st April at Martinsschlössl in Donnerskirchen, where comedy Hirten, Werner Brix and Stefan Haider deliver punchlines. Points are at stake in the tennis competitions on Saturday, which are held on the ASKÖ Eisenstadt tennis courts. Golf is being played in Donnerskirchen at the same time. Meanwhile, motorsports fans start to get their old car trophy. The Cultural Center in Eisenstadt forms the backdrop for the final evening gala on Saturday evening, during which the winners of sports competitions are also honored.

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More reviews about the GTM Cup

Thomas Zaniath, Founder of the GTM Trophy: “I feel very proud that we have been organizing the GTM Cup for two decades and have been able to raise more than 1.4 million donations for Austrian sport and for people in need. We hope to get a donation as large as possible again this year.”

Dominik Gschiegl, Managing Director of HSG Events: “As an events agency, we are organizing the GTM Cup with Thomas Zanyath for the first time. We are very ready because the third organizational start is taking place this year due to the pandemic. We would like to thank the state of Burgenland and the sponsors for their support.”

Wolfgang Zoe, Managing Director of Porsche Zentrum Wien Nord, with Porsche’s main sponsor of the event: “All three sports activities of the GTM Cup fit our brand perfectly. Golf and tennis are among the foundations of our sports sponsorship strategy and our roots lie in motorsport.”