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Canada after defeating Germany, the ice hockey world champion

Canada after defeating Germany, the ice hockey world champion

The record world champions were fully challenged by the German national team in Sunday’s final and twice trailed, but eventually prevailed 5:2 (1:1:1:1, 3:0).

Samuel Bliss, with his second goal of the evening (45), and Tyler Toffoli (52), made the decision in the final third.

Surprise finalists Germany kept eye level for two-thirds. Jon Jason Petrka trained at the Red Bull Academy in Salzburg, advanced as a 1-0 (8′) DEB pick, and scored the NHL forward for the Buffalo Sabers after a perfect long pass from star defenseman Moritz Seider. Thanks to Blais, the Canadians quickly equalized (11′).

Unfazed by this, the Germans Daniel Fischbuch (34) secured the lead again. On their first power play, the Canadiens managed to bring the par (38) back through Lawson Krause.

However, in the final third, team manager André Turenne’s class, which consisted almost exclusively of veteran NHL players, prevailed. Bliss and Calgary Flames captain of the St. Louis Blues, Tyler Tofoli, in the second half completed the victory for the Canadians. Scott Lawton scored the final score with a shot into the empty net.

Germany narrowly lost their first title, but won their seventh medal in a major event after World Cup silvers in 1930 and 1953 as well as Olympic silvers in 2018 and bronzes in 1932 (Olympics/WM), 1934 (WM) and 1976 (Olympics). ). And that’s despite the fact that team boss Harold Criss canceled 15 of the best injured players ahead of the World Cup.

After three narrow defeats at the start of the tournament, they made their way to the knockout stage with four victories, including against Austria, defeated Switzerland, who reigned in the group stage, and triumphed over the US team in the semifinals. But the really big coup did not work out.

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Latvia is causing a sensation

In the afternoon, the surprising second team of the tournament in Finland and Latvia won a historic bronze medal. In front of thousands of their fans, Latvia defeated the United States 4:3 (2:2:2:0, 1:1:0) after extra time in the mini-final, thus winning their first World Cup medal. On the other hand, North Americans ranked fourth, as in the previous year.

Like big teams Canada Keep winning medals. But for us it was a unique opportunity. Unbelievable, said Mix Endrassis of the historic success. “I am happy to be a Latvian ice hockey player because people love ice hockey. To be an ice hockey player today, I have no words for it,” said Martins Dzirkals.

Roberts Bokarts gave Latvia the lead (8′), which was immediately equalized by Rocco Grimaldi (10′). Janice Jax fired the outsider into the lead again seven minutes later. Shortly afterwards, the puck falls into the recorder’s face, and unfortunately it deflects, which necessitates a visit to the dentist. But once again it was Grimaldi, the top scorer in the World Cup, who leveled the game with his seventh World Cup goal.

After a scoreless midfield, Matt Coronato put the American boys ahead for the first time (47 minutes) before Christian Robbins became the winner of the match for Latvia and made history. The 25-year-old from the AHL’s Calgary Wranglers went 3-3 (55) on a pass from Rihards Bukarts, who was recently under contract with the KAC and finished in the top five on the point list with three. goals and eight assists. In overtime, Robins scored after 1:22 minutes to seal the famous win for the Balts.

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