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First suspected case of monkeypox in Vienna

First suspected case of monkeypox in Vienna


Also in Vienna, there is now the first suspected case of monkeypox. The man is in hospital in favoritin. This was confirmed by city health council spokesman Peter Hacker (SPĂ–).

The 35-year-old was taken to the Favoriten Clinic by ambulance on Sunday night. This is the first point of contact in cases of infection. The man has typical symptoms that suggest monkeypox, such as a slight fever and blisters on his face. The suspicion of monkeypox had already arose in the ambulance, which is why he came to the infection department. You should find out if monkeypox is really there by Sunday evening or Monday morning.

Contact tracing with the closest contacts

The suspected case was reported to the Ministry of Health by the responsible Viennese authorities, the spokesman said, and the patient was isolated as per the rules.

According to the city, it is currently being clarified whether monkeypox is an internationally notifiable disease. In the proven cases, the health authority traces the contacts with the closest contacts.

Symptoms are usually only mild

According to health authorities, the virus usually causes only mild symptoms such as fever, headache, muscle aches and rash. However, monkeypox can also have acute courses, and fatal illnesses are likely in individual cases. The pathogenic virus is transmitted primarily through direct contact or contact with contaminated materials.

WHO develops guidelines

The World Health Organization (WHO) is currently developing guidelines to contain the spread of monkeypox. It is feared that the number of cases will continue to rise in the summer months. The World Health Organization assumes that the outbreak was caused by sexual contact.

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So far, monkeypox has appeared in at least 11 countries where it is not usually common. Scientists consider this to be very unusual. Monkeypox occurs mainly in Africa and rarely in other places. So far, more than 100 confirmed or suspected cases have been reported, mostly in Europe, so far there is no evidence of the virus in Austria.

Close contact is said to be the most important route of transmission for the virus. However, experts assume that the outbreak cannot be compared to the coronavirus pandemic because the disease is not easily transmitted.