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First trip with the Mercedes G-Class electric car

First trip with the Mercedes G-Class electric car

Working in G580 Four electric motorsWhere everyone is responsible for one bike. Every engine has one for this purpose Two-speed gearbox This creates a gear ratio for difficult terrain. The bottom line is that this leads to performance 432 kW (at torque 1164 Nm). Electricity in one 116 kWh battery Stored, built into the ladder frame under the vehicle. Ideally you can handle it 473 km away (or he can go up and down Schöckl in Graz fourteen times to use the developers' way of thinking). Battery in the bottom of a car being chased over rough rocks? Is this good? Usually not, which is why Mercedes has such a fine car Bottom protectionDeveloped, which consists largely of carbon. Through water Plowing doesn't do anything for the energy storage system either. with Wading depth 850 mm It even outperforms combustion engines.

The electric motor is particularly useful in… Terrain NB. The developers gave G Virtual differential locks Given by Torque vectoring Action – so that each wheel gets a certain amount of torque and everything happens at lightning speed. The driver also does not have to press any buttons to activate the locks. As a driver, you can choose the appropriate modes, for example the “Rock” mode for difficult terrain, and the technology does the rest with the new “Rock”.Off-road crawling“n” have some sort of cruise control for off-road driving; You can adjust the speed using the paddles on the steering wheel. The Electric G still has a few tricks up its sleeve. With the turn g You can make the letter G rotate on its axis while standing, it looks amazing and fun. Of course, this is something more logical Guidance G. Here you can block the rear wheel during tight turning maneuvers by pressing a button so that Orbit Significant reduction in size.

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And on the street? The G580 drives as you'd expect from an electric car. Quiet (so you don't randomly activate the artificial G-Roar sound) and with acceleration that makes you forget you're sitting in a 3-ton car. The technicians also made some fine adjustments to… Aerodynamics To improve and thus reduce wind noise.