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Fiscal Year 2022: Anady Bank: Strong increase in profit and decrease in total balance sheet

Fiscal Year 2022: Anady Bank: Strong increase in profit and decrease in total balance sheet

I have 10.7 million euros in profit after taxes in 2022, which is the highest profit since the bank was founded, and in 2021 it amounted to only 1.1 million. Power of attorney is 7.6 million euros, up from 2.3 the previous year. The capital ratio is now 16 percent. Anady Bank’s total balance sheet fell by 242 million euros to 2.488 billion, mainly due to lower investment in National Bank.

Loans to clients also decreased – from 2.01 to 1.9 billion euros. According to the annual report, the number of customers decreased from 58,000 to 56,000.

To continue as a pure digital bank

Selling off traditional banking is also on the agenda for Anadi Bank: As reported, Anadi owner Sanjeev Kanoria wants to sell the 10 branches and nearly 50,000 customer relationships – without deposited capital and without a banking license. There’s no mention of a “Quadriga project” on the balance sheet — only a “restructuring of the business model” — when asked, an Anadi spokesperson confirmed that the plan remains in place, including a time horizon with a sale completed in “Spring 2023.” It will continue with me after that as a purely digital bank. There is no information on the status of negotiations.

“Extremely good on the way digitally”

The volume of credit in the digital business increased by 66 percent to 72 million euros. According to CEO Christian Kubitschek, the bank is “very well digital”. With its conservative capital, liquidity and balance sheet management, Anadi clearly stands out from “FinTechs-only”. Kubitschek explains that Anadi now wants to “focus on digital growth with all its strength and high capital strength.” 40 percent of the current staff of around 250 already work in the bank’s internal digital domain.

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