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A healthy alternative to coffee: local organic lupine coffee

Special coffee! Petra Leitner is a passionate coffee roaster. With dedication and courage, she has redefined the tried and tested.

Hafnerbach / Corning. Pielachtalerin has found an excellent and above all healthy alternative to decaffeinated coffee.

Photo: Photo: Martina Seal

That’s how it happened

“A year and a half ago, a farmer from Waldviertel approached me and said that he had planted lupins and if I wanted to roast them. I immediately liked the idea and since then I have been completely convinced of healthy coffee and have it in my cup range, ”says the coffee roaster.

Photo: Photo: Martina Seal

From flower to roast

Lupins are legumes from the legume family and are distinguished by their high protein content. Sweet lupine is edible and contains almost no bitter substances. Petra Leitner is convinced: “Anyone who loves coffee will love thermos coffee!” It is pleasant to drink, tastes good and does not strain the heart. Also, thermos coffee is not addictive and does not carry the other side effects of caffeine. It is also well tolerated by people with gluten intolerance or celiac disease. “Lupins are roasted like coffee beans and the taste is confusingly similar. The roasting process takes 20 minutes, then the lupins are cooled and ground. They are a little bit harder than coffee beans,” explains the roaster.

Photo: Photo: Martina Seal

Do you drink Coffee?

healthy alternative

“Lupus coffee is probably the best alternative to coffee. It’s a great alternative to coffee for people who lead a healthy lifestyle but don’t want to do without coffee. With decaffeinated coffee, the caffeine is chemically dissolved, with no thermos. It’s inherently in Inside, much better, they are rich in protein. Our organic product DA’BIOLUPI has won the “Organic Product of the Year 2023” award. Of course, traditional coffee beans are still roasted in the one-woman process.

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Photo: Photo: Martina Seal

Photo: Photo: Martina Seal
Photo: Photo: Martina Seal

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