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Fitness is important: when the new season becomes a hurdle

The new season may come, let’s go to the mountains of Austria, but one question remains?
Am I fit
Before we run out of strength in the mountains where the situation is more dangerous, it is important that we start training in advance. Either do smaller rounds at first to train the strength of your legs, or go to a fitness center or your home gym. Legs are important when walking, if you lose strength in the mountains you may be deserted. Therefore, you should think about it in advance. There are many dangers lurking in the mountains, but the most common one is overestimating one’s strength. But you also need to be well prepared by ferratas, so it is very important to train your hands with simple dumbbell training. Preparedness is the most important thing, not only information about the road, but also about its physical condition. If everything fits, you will have a lot of fun in the mountains, but many hikers forget one thing, that is the small first aid kit, which is also an important accessory and should be in every backpack. Hiking season can come and exercise will keep us all fit, so get out into nature and discover our country on foot.

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