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Football in Pinzgau: Marcus Forstaller: “Of course it’s great”

Football in Pinzgau: Marcus Forstaller: “Of course it’s great”

FC Pinzgau Saalfelden continues its unbeaten streak of matches, and also wins at the end of the regular season against SV Seekirchen 4: 0 (2: 0) and thus guarantees the coveted ticket to the Westliga in second place in the table.

sea ​​churches. From the start it was a difficult game to expect away from home at SV Seekirchen. The hosts played well from the first minute and tried to take an active part in the match. Only with time did the Pinzgauers start to play better and fired a first warning shot through Tamas Tandari, but the attacking player’s shot clearly missed his target. In the 16th minute, Moritz Eder, who completed his single in perfect fashion by skating, made it 1-0. The tempo remained high, and duels were fought constantly on both sides, but further scoring opportunities were coming for a long time. At a point when Sekirchen was gaining momentum, Simir Gavuzjar made it 2-0 just before half-time.

Confident victory

Markus Fürstaller’s side were stable in the second half of the game and hardly gave the hosts any chances. In the attack, attempts were made to continue placing the pokes in a targeted manner. After a direct counterattack, Tandari again showed his qualities and got past the goalkeeper to make it 3-0. After a few moments Jvuzjar could finally put the cap on, but he failed from the penalty spot. Again just moments later, the attacking player did better and used the rebound to make it 4-0. In the last stage, FC Pinzgau Saalfelden did not miss a beat, celebrated a sovereign victory and secured them a ticket to the Western League.

“Of course it’s great! We’ve been working hard on this success together over the past few months. It’s proven that the focus should always be on your own tasks and you shouldn’t be distracted by some background noise. We did it well. We were in the flow and constantly followed our way up The end. The match against Seekirchen was not easy, the pressure before the last round obviously increased. We fought our way well and deservedly left the field as winners. A few weeks ago, it was not expected that they would actually end up in second place. But it showed again that It’s only over when you cross the finish line,” says Markus Fürstaller, summing up the game immediately after the match.

Lined up:
Shruker. Eder (73 Muhlbacher), Kahramanović, Nogler, Ziej, Adje; Moosmann (73. B. Hutter), Zehntmayr, B. Hutter; Gvozdjar (77. Streitwieser), Tandari (88. Alvarez)

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