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FK Austria Vienna |  Another bitter defeat in the derby

FK Austria Vienna | Another bitter defeat in the derby

Coach Stefan Kenesi made two changes to his starting line-up for the Vienna derby compared to the clear 5-1 win at home to Altenmarkt last week: Aldiana Amochi was available for the training squad again after recovering from injury and goalkeeper Nadine Hinterberger reported being fit on the field. Time to give it to celebrate the return of the Austrian goal.

Vienna took the lead with a header

Sunday started with two teams enthusiastic in summer temperatures, both looking hot for today’s duel. Ante Patarello scored the first goal, her effort was very central (5). Austria united well, and team captains Verena Volkmaier and Christina Decker failed against Vienna (10).

Approximately 350 spectators in the Hohe Warte, jubilant Vienna watched out of nowhere: after a corner kick, Seidl used a defensive variation for the opening goal (29), leaving Hinterberger behind with a header. Austria didn’t let their heads down, and despite being late, didn’t lose their composure and kept trying to play attractive football. We went into the second half with a 0-1 lead.

Conina with a great shot to equalise

The two teams left the dressing room unchanged. Austria had a good first move: Kunina’s cross at the end was very inaccurate and didn’t pose much of a challenge to the Döbingen goalkeeper (50), it was a balanced game without any noteworthy chances. Vienna was very compact and left little room for violets.

The Austrian coach reacted and brought new momentum to the attack with Alisa Zelitkina, who came in place of Christina Decker (73). Ten minutes before the end, the violets also cheered deservedly: after a free kick, Nadia Kunina kicked the ball into the cross corner (80) and scored the equalizing goal 1: 1.

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The match got heated and both teams wanted the three points. And then it became really bitter: in the last minute of extra time, the Vienna captain scored a goal 1: 2. So the Violets had to concede defeat against the Dobling women.

First Vienna FC – Austria Vienna 2: 1 (1: 0)

Austria Vienna: Hinterberger – Hajek, Ito, Weilharter – Batarilo, Amuchie, Schneeberger, Schorn – Volkmer, Decker (73rd Ziletkina) – Kunina

portals: Seidel (29), Water (90 + 4); Conina (80.)

Referee Knezevic natural arena Hohe Warte, 350 spectators