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Flash District: New Branches for Zoo Residents News

Flash District: New Branches for Zoo Residents News

Also: the Helga Pankratz Festival in Margareten and a water playground instead of city parking?

Thursday, April 27, 2023

written 1 hour ago

by Martina Feichtinger

Hietzing – new offshoots for zoo residents
New branches of the Vienna Woods are now available to some zoo residents of Schönbrunn Zoo. Giraffes and rhinos as well as elephants and water buffalo can now look forward to the fresh items on the menu. From April to October, Schönbrunn Zoo is supplied weekly by truck from the nearby Bundesforste-Wienerwald.

Margareten – Helga Pankratz Festival
On Friday, a colorful festival of variety and diversity will take place at Helga-Pankratz-Platz. It starts at 4 p.m. The program includes a drag show and music by Jane Nica. In addition, associations such as Hosi and Queerbase are on the site and offer exchanges and advice.
(Helga Pankratz Square is named after the writer of the same name and pioneer of the feminist and lesbian movement.)

Inner city – a water playground instead of a parking lot?
The county newspaper reported that there may be a water playground on Concordiaplatz instead of parking lots in the future. The idea isn’t entirely new. New arena performances were actually submitted in 2020, but not implemented. But now all parties in the region agree and the water court must come. Exactly when has not yet been confirmed.

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