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Watch the movie Dystopoly about the future of the world

At the invitation of the Wilhelmsburg Stoneware Museum, the Stachel Artist Group curates, designs and curates the exhibition “Dystopoly. A Journey Through Humanity Transformed into Daisies” in the historic rooms of the Wilhelmsburg Stoneware Factory of Our Time.

Discuss miserable cases

Over an exhibition area of ​​1,500 square metres, eight rooms in the ancient attic “in a decadent form of grammar with themes of ‘the Gaia hypothesis’ and ‘transhumanism’ become an artistic freedom about the miserable conditions of our Earth – caused by the epistemological utopias of human civilizations.” On the website of the Cutlery Museum in Wilhelmsburg.

Photo series with 10 photos


Erwin Jenner, Cyborg

Christa Stangl

Eric Heydock, The Staircase of Sisyphus


Gerhard Malckeck and Elena Rumenkova, Cassandra’s Dream


Sting, Shifting Daisies


Thomas Murth, The Root of the Earth

Christa Stangl

Hans-Adam, woman


Lewandowski crossed, then that


Gerhard Malckeke, Energy Addict

Group 21

Loksh, Electra Rita


Günther Blumauer, Dreams Shattered

The location of the exhibition was deliberately chosen. “In these historic rooms of the Wilhelmsburg stoneware factory – as human contemporary witnesses to the aesthetics of decadence and part of a complex contemporary historical order – the former workplaces remain as if the work had just finished, accessible to the public as artistically designed rooms.”

Dealing with the aesthetics of decay

The Stachel Artists Group sees itself as a multidisciplinary artistic network, which – according to its manifesto – develops and implements artistic projects. The aesthetics of dissolution as a permanent process of the symbiotic life cycle is the artistic content and expression of the artist group, according to self-definition. The location of time in the moment “now” as the sum of all complex hypothetical realities is the focal point of the artistic approach.

Since 2021 the Stachel Artist Group has been curating and designing exhibitions in the rooms of the Wilhelmsburg Stoneware Museum, in the first two years “Daisyworld”, since this year “Dystopoly”. Transhumanism’s Mutant Journey to Daisies.” The site lists 37 artists who took part in “Dystopoly,” from very different genres such as painting, sculpture, ceramics, sculpture, and installation, but also performance and body painting as well as animation and street art to poetry and songs.

Stachel Artists Group

Christa Stangl

Stachel Artists Group

A four-month trip to Daisies.

May 1 is “Open Day,” and five days later the official opening takes place. In the months of May, June, September and October, there are many so-called artistic interventions from the musical, poetic, landscape, literary, visual and digital fields.

The exhibition “Distopole. A journey of transhumanism transformed into daisies” is open until October 20 and closed from July 1 to September 3. It can be visited every Friday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, during artistic interventions and by prior arrangement. More information Call 0677/634 71533 on the website.

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