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Flights affected by the cancellation of flights in Vienna – Schwechat today

Flights affected by the cancellation of flights in Vienna – Schwechat today

For a few days now, major European airlines have been struggling with staff shortages, mainly due to Covid-19 sick leave. Several flights to and from Vienna Schwechat Airport have been canceled in the past few days.

This is also the case on Saturday. Both Austrian Airlines AUA There are 10 return destinations that had to be canceled for Saturday – out of 360 flights. Yesterday there was 7, tomorrow Sunday there will be 7, a KURIER spokesperson said. The spokesman stated that the situation is getting better and better, and sick leave is declining.

No holiday flights canceled in AUA today, only city flights, eg to ScoobyAnd the HanoverAnd the SophiaAnd the Stuttgart And the Milan.

There are only “highly isolated” modifications to flight operations at Vienna Schwechat Airport today, an airport spokesperson confirmed at Courier’s request. Operations went well during the morning rush hour, there were no long waits, and there were only ‘few minutes’ waiting at security checkpoints. The start of the holiday went well.

Apart from AUA flights, there is a rotation of the day, i.e. return flight KLM Canceled to and from Amsterdam.

You can find an overview of the status of flights over here.

Other airlines

By the way, it is not easy to get information from other airlines.

in Irish Ryan Air There is only the possibility for journalists to contact the press office of the head office via e-mail. However, according to the information on the site, it can only be accessed on business days.

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It is similar with Hungarian Wizz Air. Only the public email address of the Public Relations Agency is provided here as the only source of information for inquiries from Austria.

when Eurowings airline “All Eurowings flights to Vienna today” from German bases “carried out as planned,” a spokeswoman said upon request. Eurowings does not have its own base in Vienna-Schwechat.