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He explained simply: What will be chosen in the European elections?

He explained simply: What will be chosen in the European elections?

From June 6 to 9 The time has come: across the European Union European elections will take place. All people eligible to vote in the European Union can cast their votes after that. In Austria, for example Citizens aged 16 and over can vote. But what is actually being voted on in these elections?

European elections It is held every five years. European Union citizens vote for the so-called European Parliament. The elections will determine which politicians from EU countries will sit and serve in the European Parliament in the next few years.

European elections: who will vote?

European Parliament It consists of 720 members. This is to ensure that all EU countries are well represented. 20 members are elected in Austria. Voters can use their votes to determine Which politicians from their country should sit in the European Parliament.

Those selected will have a lot to do in the next few years. Because the European Parliament is responsible for that Formulating and promulgating laws for the European Union. This means that they create rules that are considered at that time important for our lives.

Rules for rules

These rules relate, for example, To strengthen the economy and create security for all people in the European Union getting a. But you want with these rules We also fight poverty and think about how to do something about climate change.

When the EU Parliament sets new rules, certain things must be taken into account. For example, no human rights may be violated. On the contrary: human rights must be protected. In addition to The freedom and equality of all persons must be respected in the European Union.

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The people who will be elected in the European elections in June have many opportunities to shape life in the European Union. But for her We also have a great responsibility.

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