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FM4 favorite songs with Frank Spilker from Die Sternen

FM4 favorite songs with Frank Spilker from Die Sternen

Songs of Sorry 3000, Fela Kuti and Kappa Tolet. Frank Spilker performs some of his favorite songs.

Written by Christophe Sebin

The talent of great stars is to remain consistently excellent. Here's a song from earlier (“What's Destroyed You So Much”), this one from later (“You Don't Have to Do Nothing”) and one from the middle (“My Parachute Stretches Around the World”) – it's all great. The stars, in word and melody, are life's soundtrack, no matter when you're riding in the rock 'n' roll car.

Fun to record, fun to play, and fun in the audience when they return the favor for what you do emotionally on stage. “Then party madness ensues,” says Frank Spilker shortly before the star's concert at the FM4 studio. “That's the goal of every concert. This should go up and get bigger.”

Frank Spilker clearly loves music and has a very long list of favorite tunes. It's about the best live bands, for example Sorry 3000 from Berlin (“they make rich music, with a certain cheek and self-image and don't appear on stage with the consciousness of an outdated rock band”). It's about songs that create images in your head, Courtney Barnett or Ada with “Moon Rider” (“This no “Images are created, you have to really listen to them.”

So it's about bands and new discoveries, but also about past influences, when I started making music or even earlier, listening to music. Talking Heads, Parliament-Funkadelic, Fela Kuti. Freshness in music, a different understanding of disco. “This was one of many experiences that influenced and changed my musical understanding.” Listen to this playlist, it will enrich your life too.

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