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Country-Folk – Old friends play at Donauhof Zwentendorf

Country-Folk – Old friends play at Donauhof Zwentendorf

Ranjit Singh, Peter Polachek, Larissa Vigel, Kurt Binger, Kiana Rose, Frankie Fortin and Helmuth Grunberger made sure to ensure an enjoyable evening.

Maria Knoepfel

gThere was plenty of dancing around the Country People, Oiden Hodan, Kianna Rose, Frankie Fortin, Helmuth Grünberger and Peter Polachek.

Supervised by Kurt Binger Country Radio Revolution held an exceptional country music concert at Donauhof Zwentendorf. Four authentic musicians with a country singer Kiana Rose She comes from Formula and lives in Bavaria. Frankie Fortin From Strasshof, Helmut Grünberger From Netzing as well Peter Polachek From Tulane, he interpreted a variety of styles from country to country rock on stage, and there was plenty of dancing on the dance floor. The four musicians brought their fans with them, and there was a good atmosphere among the guests in the crowded hall. The audience took it easy when the theater briefly lost power. Guests included dance clubs like this one Chilero dancers From Hollabron, AL Crazy Horse Line Dance Crew From Kritzendorf, Dancing Wolf Line Dancers From Vienna and Tigerfeet line dancer From Schritthoven. It was a beautiful picture as many of the dancers moved in the same steps to the country music and clapped.

Country singers Kiana Rose, Frankie Fortin, and duo Helmuth and Peter are old friends, so the concert was titled “Old Friends.” While Keana Rose and Franky Fortyn performed half-run interpretations of their famous songs, Helmut Grünberger and Peter Pollatschek also played live guitar, harmonica and vocals. The musicians promised their fans that there would be a new meeting in Zwentendorf next year.

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