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Blockchain-Technologie im Fokus: Epic Games öffnet sich für NFTs in Spielen

Focus on Blockchain Technology: Epic Games Opens Its Doors to NFTs in Games | 10/26/21

Recently, Steam added a new policy banning applications based on blockchain technology. For its part, Epic Games is open to game developers in this field.

• Epic Games is open to NFTs in games under certain conditions

• Steam bans all applications based on blockchain technology from the platform

• In the future, platforms will have to decide whether or not to allow applications based on blockchain technology

Epic Games is unlocked for games with NFTs

Compared to The Verge, US software company Epic Games claims to be open to games that support cryptocurrency or blockchain-based assets. When asked about approving games that contain NFT, Epic Games replied that although there are some limitations in this area, they have generally been willing to work with “first developers”. The company’s CEO, Tim Sweeney, said on Twitter: “The Epic Games Store welcomes games that use blockchain technology, provided they comply with applicable laws, disclose their terms and conditions, and have them rated by an appropriate group.” The company told The Verge that the rules should be more specific in the future. Also, developers will have to use their payment systems to accept encryption, as this will not be possible with the Epic payment service.

A while ago, Steam announced that it would ban games with NFTs

Just a short time ago, Valve’s platform, Steam, banned applications based on blockchain technology from the platform. “Applications that are based on blockchain technology and enable the issuance or exchange of cryptocurrencies, or NFTs.” , as stated in the Steam Guidelines “What not to post to Steam”. Game developer SpacePirat explains on Twitter: “Steam takes the position that objects have value and does not allow items that can have real value on its platform.”

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Additionally, NFT and crypto-based games reportedly do not have the best reputation, which may also explain the decision to ban them from the Steam platform, according to The Verge.

Platforms must decide whether or not games and apps should be allowed to sell NFTs

Overall, the different ways in which both platforms (Steam and Epic Games) deal with blockchain technologies show that in the future, all platforms and stores that modify content will have to make decisions about whether or not they want to allow apps or games to sell NFTs, he explains The Verge.

E. Schmal / editors