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What are the “ideal” computer components?

On October 28, exactly at 5 PM German time, it’s time: After a long development phase, Age of Empires 4 by Relic will be launched. The collaboration between Microsoft Age World’s Edge studios and the makers of Company of Heroes can be seen in 4 year old first exams Really solid, but what hardware do you actually need?

Age 4: Four categories of system requirements

In fact, Microsoft already had it Announcing Age of Empires 4 playback requirements. The official minimum requirements for integrated graphics were very low, while the recommended hardware, especially for graphics cards (Geforce 970 or Radeon RX 570), called into question how modern the graphics really were. Surprisingly, shortly before the release, Microsoft took the opportunity to meet the system requirements to collapse again. A special blog not only explains why you should be interested in “low spec gamers,” but also introduces two new categories of system requirements: “low,” which lies between “minimum” and “recommended,” and “ideal,” a category with the latest components.

Even if the blog goes so far as to explain minimal graphics, we want to get into the perfect hardware for age 4 first. Unfortunately Microsoft doesn’t break down the game graphics (resolution, frames per second, game details) intended information, but at least you’re using a Ryzen 5 3600 (6-core with HT) or Core i7-9700 (8-core without HT) on The CPU side is already relatively new on the way. Graphics cards are also significantly increased in some cases. The developers provide 8 GB of VRAM, which then requires at least one RTX 2070 in the RTX range from Nvidia – the RTX 2060, as is known, has only 6 GB. AMD does not yet need an RDNA-2 graphics card, a Radeon RX 5700 XT is enough. In contrast to the minimum, the new “low” class takes into account at least discrete graphics cards, but 2 GB VRAM is enough here.

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Age 4 System Requirements

Age 4 System Requirements

What: Microsoft

Age 4: A low-spec viewer of esports too?

And what’s the deal with low-spec games? Microsoft expects that at least 50 percent of gamers age 4 will continue to use the low-spec renderer in the next few years. This is because the Age community also loves to play old titles and also certain regions like Southeast Asia and Latin America, which have proven to be fans of a lifetime, only have old hardware. This means that a large percentage of age 4 video game players still play on older laptops or desktops with integrated, discrete graphics processors (GPUs). Low specification mode is triggered by a set of in-game settings that are made using an automatic detection system when the game is first started and can be set via the Settings menu.

“The low-spec renderer is what we were going to develop for the Xbox 360,” says Joel Pritchett, Technical Director at World’s Edge. This ensures that players can play the campaign with lower resolution textures, less destruction, simpler lighting, less ‘visual decoration’, and four-player battles (instead of 8). Some competitive testers liked the low-spec renderer because it’s “visually sharper and you get a better frame rate,” Pritchett says.

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Age of Empires 4: Detailed launch trailer shown shortly before release

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