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Following in Karl May's footsteps: Winito has already "visited" Graz twice

Following in Karl May’s footsteps: Winito has already “visited” Graz twice

In 1928 and 1948, Winnetou productions based on Karl May were on the program in Graz. Whether such minds are still up to date is hotly debated.

Grass. In 1928, Winito celebrated the premiere of a film in Graz, so to speak. At that time they were in the lead Stages of the Renaissance in Vienna In the guest performance the piece”WinitoIn Stadttheater Graz. In the main role of the hero who bears his name was Walter Corner Let’s see, Paul Mahr played Sam Hawkens and Flora Schweickhardt as Aunt Emma.

Second stage bankruptcy

Twenty years later, in Autumn 1948A second presentation was made. This was great Carl May games on grazers jogging track, whose premiere was said to have been watched by about 4,000 viewers. However, those responsible for the project may have miscalculated the financial calculations. building cost outdoor stage It was so high that the games in smash is over.

Do you still think “Winnetou” productions are contemporary?

The controversy over Winito

To what extent are these products still considered today contemporary It is sometimes controversial. Finally excited only for this German summer Ravensburger Company He caused an uproar when they announced the delivery of the two Winnetou Books to stop and want to take it out of circulation. As is well known, the result was a heated debate about the extent to which this was Restriction of artistic freedom or a necessary countermeasure to the so-called open civilization Actions.

about who more “Winnetou” productions would like to know, in the second volume of the series”Karl May on stageGold struck. The book was published by Karl-May-Verlag.

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