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Football coach Berhalter lets the flag show

Football coach Berhalter lets the flag show

Greg Berhalder: Can his team really do without him?
Image: AFP

The US national soccer team is to be strengthened with foreign players. His coach is doing the same ahead of the clash with Germany – but Greg Berhalter himself is tipped to be a replacement.

AWhen Luca Koleosho was asked by a US soccer journalist two years ago about his sporting future, he recalled his time with the U-16 national team: “I think it would be great to play and represent my country.” If the people in charge contact him and ask nicely, he will be happy to be there.

Norwalk, Connecticut-born Koliosho, a Premier League player who has promoted FC Burnley since this summer, would theoretically still hold the option. As the son of a Canadian-Italian mother and a father with Nigerian roots, he has already flirted with different associations. That includes Canada as part of the CONCACAF Nations League in 2022 and Italy, who won the title at this year’s U-19 European Championship in Malta. It is not clear what the strong ball dribbler Koleosho thinks about this topic today. After the talented striker moved to distant Spain at the age of eleven, where he hoped for better development opportunities, there are only rare signs.

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