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Football: More women's power again

Football: More women’s power again

Lichtenberg/Gramstein/Edinburgh. Lichtenberg finally a women’s team again. Along with neighbors from SV Gramastetten and Sportunion Eidenberg, Lichtenberg is running this year’s season as a playing community.

In addition to treasurer Katherine Kopelmüller, three women from Lichtenberg will be Michelle Meissner and Lena Schwartz in the future. It is hoped that there will be more women from the local communities to promote and expand women’s football in Lichtenberg, Grammstatten, but also in Edinburgh – Sportpark Lichtenberg has already been identified as the venue for a single match.

The sport of young women and men

How can we ensure that women’s football becomes more visible, attractive and sustainable? “That is the question that the women’s team from Edinburgh/Ging, which has been around for 14 years, was asking itself this year. Girls from nearby villages have been part of the team for many years and the team would like to continue introducing many young talents from the region for a future in soccer shoes. ft. In order to achieve this goal, shared visions, cooperation and support from many quarters are needed: “This year the support comes from the neighboring towns and the women’s team proudly bears the name SPG Eidenberg / Geng / Lichtenberg / Gramastetten. With this merger, the starting signal was given for a proactive and good cross-border cooperation,” according to Katherine Kopelmüller of Lichtenberg. In addition to playing games in Lichtenberg and Gramastetten, joint youth work and performances in schools are also on the agenda.

Wanted newcomer

The team is delighted with each newcomer: “If you enjoy playing with the ball and are a team player, please call and log in for a tasting session,” Koblmüller appeals to the athletes of tomorrow.

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