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"Battle of Austria", Part 2: Vienna Vikings vs.Raiders Tirol Sunday LIVE on PULS 24 & ZAPPN

“Battle of Austria”, Part 2: Vienna Vikings vs.Raiders Tirol Sunday LIVE on PULS 24 & ZAPPN

On the eighth day of the UEFA Europa League, the first game and classic of Vikings vs.Raiders takes place at the Generali Arena. Sunday at 2:45 PM LIVE on PULS 24 & ZAPPN.

The Vienna (6-0) is the only team undefeated in the UEFA Europa League after the middle of the regular season. Facing the undefeated, the Fiennes sat down with Barcelona Dragons (5-1) with 27:20 and lead central division before tyrolone.

The Tyrolean invaders (4-2) Celebrate against them Leipzig kings (2-5) Fourth win in a row and enter with great confidence public square. The first duel went to the Vikings at the beginning of the season, and he won in Innsbruck with a time of 29:23.

Timeless Austrian football classics between Vienna and Tirol will be broadcast live on PULS 24 & ZAPPN In the showdown: Will the Vikings keep a clean sheet or will the Conquerors win in Vienna for their fifth straight win?

ELF, Round 8, ‘Battle of Austria’: Vienna Vikings vs Tirol Riders
Sunday, July 24th at 2:45pm LIVE on PULS 24, . pulse And the ZAPPN

  • Commentators: Walter Reiterer and Bojan Savicevic
  • Field Reporter: Julian Kreuzerhart

UEFA Europa League Sunday live on free TV on PULS 24 in HD and in live broadcasts at ZAPPN apartment

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