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For a project in Freistadt: Linz AG’s LES award

For a project in Freistadt: Linz AG’s LES award

The free town. Linz AG’s subsidiary Linz Energieservice GmbH (LES) has received the “Sustainability Award” at the 4th birthday party for clean technology company Neoom from Freistadt. “Together with the LES, we have implemented an exemplary sustainability project,” said Neoom CEO Walter Kreisel, happy to cooperate with the specialists of the regional energy resource. “We’ve had a long-term partnership with Neoom,” confirms Thomas Priglinger, Head of Energy Optimization at LES. “We work very closely together on warehousing technology and freight infrastructure.”

Project at Autohaus Feichtmayr

The background to the award is a joint venture at the Feichtmayr car dealership in Freistadt: The photovoltaic system does not only produce sustainable solar energy there. An optimum level of self-consumption can also be achieved with Neoom’s energy storage unit. With this solar energy, the new supercharger and heat pump can be operated in a cost and resource efficient manner. Thus, the system saves the entire site, thus allowing customers – and their vehicle fleet – to charge using renewable electricity. “Thanks to LES’ specially designed high-performance contract financing model, it is also possible to construct the photovoltaic system, charging station and storage systems for free,” Priglinger asserts. “The savings are higher than the contracted rate, so the customer has an immediate profit and an optimal alternative energy production.”

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