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Fürstenfelder Museum Pfeilburg: in the museum a planer is used

Fürstenfelder Museum Pfeilburg: in the museum a planer is used

Fürstenfeld Pfeilburg is dedicated to the city’s woodworking tradition in a special exhibition during this year’s museum season.

Furstenfeld. the Pfeilburg Museum in Furstenfeld Shows in the new museum season until the end of October Carpentry exhibition In the lobby and on the second floor reserved for craft guilds. Ancient pieces of furniture, tools, documents and photographs down to modern fixtures and equipment in recent times lead to the traditional history of the trade.

how Museum curator Gabrielle Jedlischka At the opening of the exhibition, when the Pfeilburghof quickly filled with about 100 interested guests, he was there 1950 still 20 carpentry companies in the city, Today there are two in the borough districtR. Fürstenfeld is also its home Since 1970 State Vocational School for Carpenters and Carpentry Technicians, who also participated in putting together the historical show.

The opening was well attended

In the presence of a large number of carpenters from the region, they were received by the director of the museum and the head of the museum association Carl Amtman Many guests of honor. Mayors also came Franz Jostculture officer Gregor SommerStadtwerke Director Franz FriedelLBS director Harald Boltell And Wolfgang HasenbergR from the Governmental Union of Carpenters and Wood Designers.

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Hosts with guests of honor at the opening of the carpentry exhibition on the grounds of the Pfeilburg Museum in Fürstenfeld.  |  Photo: WW
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