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For Clients: Ranacher’s social work

For Clients: Ranacher’s social work

Ferdinand Rancher cares about people. The businessman has been known for his social commitment for years. Now he is again offering his clients a very special promotion.

Carinthia. In recent years, not only customers have special offers, but also large social projects have been supported again and again. But Rancher likes it best when he can help people directly. Families were provided with foster beds and wheelchairs or other aids. “I keep hearing about people who often don’t do well in our society. I am happy to be able to help families who have been hit so hard by fate,” says Ferdinand Rancher.

slipper free

When Ranacher last gave away a free pair of its famous slippers to free customers in June 2020, the rush to its stores was huge. In this way, the businessman was able to make hundreds of Carinthians happy and at the same time ensure the health of their feet. “Even if conditions have changed for all of us compared to 2020, there are still enough Carinthians who need our support. It is very important for me that every customer enjoys our wonderful campaign,” Ferdinand Ranacher says with certainty.

People are being helped

So, this time, duty-free customers not only get free slippers with a soft insole, but instead can choose a modern and comfortable street shoe. High inflation has made everyday life more expensive for all of us. Many people think twice about replacing shoes and soles. I believe that health should not be affected as a result, which is why we are making a social contribution here for those who really have to make do with very little,” Rancher explains.

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Great variety of products

Ranacher is not only known for its social projects, but also for its soft, custom-made slippers. Soft, ultra-thin soles are particularly popular and are also often worn in modern orthopedic footwear. These are available from Ranacher in various colors and are in no way inferior to the sneakers from other manufacturers in terms of cut and colour. In addition to the well-known soft slippers, hygienic items, medical products, modern orthopedic shoes and insoles can also be found in the Ranacher collection, as well as items for well-being. Another popular area includes products such as practical everyday aids, such as bandages and cream-based aids, gripping forceps, walking sticks, and mobility trainers.

Duty-free customers receive shoes for free.  |  Photo: RegionalMedien Carinthia

Daily aid

Ranacher has also made a name for itself in the daily aid space in recent years. The wide range includes many products that enable and facilitate care at home. Since the demand has increased greatly in recent years and is still growing, a large number of branches have been expanded to include a modern showroom for care products.

Personal advice

The staff works with clients to determine what they need and advise them comprehensively on various options. Products such as mobile trolleys can be tried on site so that you can determine the best individual solution.