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Golf I GTI: Boy's dream with red seat covers

Golf I GTI: Boy’s dream with red seat covers

At the GTI meeting in Reifnitz, VW students pay tribute to what was once the most powerful single golf game. The original GTI has been mostly perfectly restored, and exudes incomparable charm, and not only at Lake W├Ârthersee. The example stopped at the VW Classic warehouse in Wolfsburg also has legendary status. 115,000 km on the odometer, built in 1978, all original – like a 1.6 liter 81 kW (110 hp) engine. The VW Scirocco GTI/GLI was first installed in the Audi 80 GTE, followed by use in the Golf GTI (Gran Turismo Injection). With a meager 810 kilograms, the unladen weight has changed the GTI acronym to the brand. From 1975 to 1983 (1st generation), Volkswagen sold 462,000 units.

Boy's dream about the red square seat covers


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howl 4 cylinders

As with the 1,600 TL, the same is true for the strongest single-seat golfer: When starting, speed hard. Howl reveals: the people of Lower Saxony did it once without insulation, somehow the passenger and engine compartments merged into one.

Built in 1978, the “My Car” GTI deserves to be treated with care. An old classic car. 3000 rounds – four cylinders couldn’t take more than that. Or is he? At just over 6000 rpm and loudly, the Volkswagen hits an invisible wall – the tachometer starts suddenly and with great difficulty. 9.2 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h played in a secluded league at that time, today this value seems to be a record for a long time. How has leadership changed?

Delicate red stripes, for example, around the radiator grille, the golf ball as the gear lever, the oil temperature gauge, the checkered red seat covers, the GTI logos here and there – that’s it. The most powerful golfer of her era was considered a master of underestimates.

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Traveling in Legend – The trip put a lot into perspective, but not everything. GTI is and still is a cult.

Boy's dream about the red square seat covers

Volkswagen classic warehouse

Photo: Volkswagen